Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1,500 Gallon Water Tank $499.99

Tank Depot, America's leading water storage supplier announces a huge price reduction on the popular 1,500 gallon size potable water storage tank. For a limited time and while supplies last, the folks at Tank Depot have reduced the price of these tanks to just $499.99 - the lowest price ever on a tank of this capacity. Tank Depot's premium water tanks are an effective, economical way to store potable (drinking) water for Residential and Commercial applications. Our polyethylene water tanks use resin which complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation 21CFR 177.1520 (1) 3.1 and 3.2 for storage of potable water. Tank Depot Water Tanks can be placed on any FLAT, firm, level surface for simple installation. Water Tanks are lightweight and can be rolled by hand into place. Care should be taken not to damage Inlet/Outlet when moving water tanks. Water Tanks are for storage and are not designed to be pressurized. These tanks are designed for water use only.
  • Color Tank reduces algae growth within water tanks and blends in with the environment.
  • UV Stabilized (you can use our water tanks outdoors).
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Water tanks come complete with female threaded inlet/outlets* and a vented twist entry.
  • Maintenance free, made to last.
  • Applications include drinking water, fire protection, irrigation, disaster preparedness, and rainwater collection.
  • Complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation 21CFR 177.1520 (1) 3.1 and 3.2 for storage of potable water

San Antonio International Farm & Ranch Show

Tank Depot will be exhibiting at The San Antonio International Farm and Ranch Show on October 14th - October 16th at Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio TX.
At the show, buyers will enjoy steep show discounts on water tanks, crop care tanks, utility tanks, cisterns and septic tanks and more!
On display will be the latest 2,500 gallon below ground water tank on the market, Ace DenHartog's Aquifer Cistern. Den Hartog Industries is excited to introduce their new Aquifer, Low Profile Cistern Tanks! This new family contains 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500 gallon low profile cistern tanks designed for below ground installation. The Aquifer Low Profile Cistern Tanks are designed to provide a safe and durable means for the storage of potable or non-potable water. Their sectional ribbing design will sustain vertical soil pressures of up to 400 PSF. Tank can be buried up to 28” deep and can be backfilled empty. Multiple fitting locations are provided to accommodate a variety of plumbing configurations. Fitting flats on each end and one side of the tank will accept up to 4” fittings. Manufactured from FDA compliant resins and high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors. Designed for the containment of liquids with a specific gravity of 1.7 or lower.