Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oil-Tainer™ Now Includes FREE Gauge

Chemtainer 385 Gallon Oil Tainer w/ Oil Level Gauge

  • The ideal double-wall waste oil tank with 110% secondary containment.
  • Hinged, lockable manway cover.
  • Weather resistant and vented.
  • Maintenance-free, won't rust, chip or dent.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Translucent "Safety Yellow" containment tank for easy routine inspection.
  • Large Sink with debris screen and removable debris strainer.
  • Automatic overflow shutoff.
  • Oil level monitoring gauge.
  • 2" external quick-release drain coupling.
  • Made of 100% Recyclable Polyethylene.
  • Meets the latest EPA standards for used oil storage containers (waste oil tanks) CFR 40-279.22

  • For Tank Depot customers, the Chem-Tainer Oil_Tainer™ now comes complete with a FREE oil level gauge ($200 Value). Click or call 866-926-5603 to get yours today! Tank Depot guarantees the lowest price anywhere.

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    Drinking water for Large Events

    Water Monster 125 Gallon Bulk Drinking Water Dispensers

    The Water Monster is the first portable self-serving bulk water dispenser that is lightweight and stackable. Our plastic tanks are perfect for hydrating large outdoor crowds and reducing trash and plastic bottle waste. The multiple outlets offer the refreshing solutions for event managers. Our water aid stations eliminate long water lines and allows for easier crowd management.

    *125 gallon capacity (equal to 1,000 16oz water bottles)
    *6 self serving outlets
    *1” dump valve
    *1/4 turn hose bib
    *Lockable Lid
    *UV resistant
    *Self aligning tank and stand fit
    *Stand usable on multiple services
    *Bottom ring prevents tipping on soft ground surfaces

    Technical Specifics
    *BPA free Polypropylene plastic
    *#2 Virgin plastic
    *Tank 44”W (top), 29.5”W (bottom), 38”H weighs 42 lbs
    *Stand 30”W (top), 48”W (bottom), 32”H wt 35 lbs (3/16” thick aluminum)
    *Lid 44.5”W, 4”H weighs 10 lbs
    *Tanks stackable with 5” nesting height
    *Stands stackable with 5.25” nesting height

    Events are only as successful as their participants are happy – and hydrated. The Water Monster is the easy solution for providing water to crowds. The long lines at water stations, the pallets of water bottles or crates of water jugs are gone when The Water Monster is invited. Instead, your event participants have multiple water tanks to serve themselves from multiple spigots. More cool or iced water and less waiting in line is the key to happy and hydrated participants.

    The Water Monster is right at home at:

    • Outdoor events
    • Marathons
    • Races
    • Concerts
    • Sporting events
    • Company Picnics
    • Church Festivals

    Huge Water Tank Sale

    Our Tank Depot stores in Houston and San Antonio TX are now offering the best prices EVER on 1,500 gallon water tanks!
    1500 Gallon Vertical Water Tank
    with installed fittings
    Inlet: 1.5"
    Outlet: 2"
    Lid: 8"

    Part Number:
    Capacity: 1500 Gallons
    Size: 92"D x 60"H
    These tanks are FDA approved for potable drinking water and are manufactured of NSF61 listed materials. Green or black tanks are in stock. Customers are finding these tanks perfect for storing rainwater. Rainwater harvesting accessories are available at Tank Depot.
    Don't wait - supplies truly are limited. These tanks are in stock and ready for immediate pick up or delivery. Call today-
    Tank Depot of San Antonio TX (210) 648-3866
    Tank Depot of Houston TX (713) 453-4470